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A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy

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A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy

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Angelic guidance to enrich and improve your life.
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Angels have been with us for many centuries. The writings of most of the world's religions include descriptions of visitations by spiritual beings, whose coming heralds a time of change, whether personal or far-reaching.
The presence of angels is always described as involving great goodness and love, and belief in angels was common for many centuries.

Now angels are being recognised once more. People are becoming more in tune with their spiritual selves, and seeking ways to self-improvement.
By opening our minds we can gain inspiration from angels in all aspects of our lives.
Their wisdom can help us overcome difficulties, become more loving and learn how to find inner peace.

A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy  names the principal Archangels and shows how to commune with angels.
It gives advice on how to make preparations for invoking angels and looks at the different tools that can be used to help you communicate with angels.

Denise Whichello Brown