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Archangel Chamuel Essential Oils

Archangel Chamuel Essential Oils

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For love and aligning with the angelic realms
Chamuel embodies the principle of pure unconditional love.
Archangel Chamuel Essential Oils

Sandalwood (2.5mls)

Archangel Chamuel Essential Oils

Rose Absolute (2.5mls)

Archangel Chamuel Essential Oils

Rose Absolute 5% Diluted (10mls) Essential Oil



A gift from the heavens.
Chamuel gently opens the open the heart chakra with her essential oil of Sandalwood and teaches us the importance of BOTH giving and receiving pure unconditional love.
Sandalwood helps to heal deep emotional wounds dispelling emotions which block the heart centre such as grief.

Ylang Ylang brings us closer to the angels of love.
It helps us to release trauma from the heart chakra..

The heavenly fragrance of rose will immediately transport you to the etheric realms.
You feel the angels' wings gently unfolding you in an embrace of unconditional love.
Rose brings your consciousness close to the angels of love, beauty and forgiveness and touches the very depths of the soul.
The aroma has a profound effect on the heart alleviating sorrow, bitterness and resentment and awakening love and compassion.
As you breathe in the fragrance of rose you are drawing in the pure love of the angels.