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Blood Orange (10mls) Essential Oil

Blood Orange (10mls) Essential Oil

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Citrus sinensis - 100% Pure essential oil
Antidepressant / Uplifting / Stimulating



Aroma: Fresh, fruity radiant, tangy, warm aroma

Blood Orange is excellent for lifting the mood and is helpful for all types of depression.  It’s an ideal oil to use in your morning shower to get you moving!  Blood Orange can also be useful for digestive problems and for those who are susceptible to urinary problems.  It helps to relieve aching, tires muscles after exercise and can be used for massage on children with ‘growing’ pains.

On a spiritual level it helps us to speed up soul growth.

This oil is one of almost 100 specialty / rare essential oils that is not on the main site. If you have attended one of Denise's Archangel Workshops / Light Baths you may have already discovered and worked with this oil.
Unfortunately we are unable to provide any information about this oil's Archangel associations.

NB The bottle packaging differs with white non-transparent labels and no cap labels as with the main range.


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