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Carnelian 20mm-30mm Tumblestone

Carnelian 20mm-30mm Tumblestone

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Enhances sensuality and energy


CARNELIAN is an orange, orangey-brown, red or reddish-brown colour and is a stone used to enhance sensuality and energy. Tomb offerings carved from carnelian are prevalent in Egypt as they were thought to protect the dead on their journey through the underworld. It stimulates the brain and clears the mind of confusion aiding concentration and problem solving.
Carnelian is excellent for raising low energy levels and spurring the lethargic into action. It uplifts the emotions and makes us able to stay in the present instead of worrying about the past or thinking about the future. It is a 'feel good' stone.
Carnelian helps to increase libido and can be useful for those who find it difficult to express their sexuality. It can also be used to boost fertility. Carnelian can be employed to boost the circulation and is beneficial whenever the body needs warmth to heal.