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Chamomile (Blue) Essential Oil

Chamomile (Blue) Essential Oil

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Allergies / Calming / Anti-inflammatory / Children / Balancing / Sedative
Chamomile (Blue)

Chamomile Blue (2.5mls)

Chamomile (Blue)

Chamomile Blue (5mls)

Chamomile (Blue)

Chamomile Blue (10mls)

Chamomile (Blue)

Chamomile Blue (30mls)



Blue/German Chamomile can be thought of as a stronger Roman Chamomile and is used more on adults than on children. It has a wonderful deep blue colour and is particularly indicated where there is inflammation – whether physical or emotional. It has a much stronger aroma than Roman Chamomile

Blue Chamomile is an invaluable oil for calming the mind, easing anxiety and irritability. Use in a burner when you feel anxious and stressed.

I highly recommend blue chamomile for the menopause and for painful periods and cramps. I used essential oils to take me through the menopause and I suffered no symptoms. My favourite 3 oils were Blue Chamomile, Rose (just divine!) and Geranium.

Blue Chamomile is also an invaluable oil for all skin problems especially allergies.

On a spiritual level Blue Chamomile helps us to find our deeper wisdom.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Botanical Species Matricaria chamomilla
Country of Origin Egypt
Plant Part Flowering heads
Extraction Method: Steam distillation
Colour Deep inky-blue which easily distinguishes it from Roman chamomile
Precautions None. Suitable for even babies and young children.


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