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Chicory 20ml Original Bach Flower Remedy

Chicory 20ml Original Bach Flower Remedy

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Your love for your family makes it hard to let them go


For a person with a possessive love whose caring concern for the welfare of children, relatives and friends becomes selfishly motivated.
This results in possessiveness and a desire to manipulate and control the lives of those around them.
Such a person will interfere and selfishly demand constant attention and will remind others of their ‘duty’ towards them.
Love does not flow freely and unconditionally from such a person who becomes obsessed with the self, full of self-pity and self-importance.
Constant sympathy is sought and if they do not receive the constant attention that they think they deserve they may become manipulative and deceitful.
The purpose of this remedy is to develop selfless care and love for others without expecting anything in return.
In Dr Bach's words we “long to open both our arms and bless all around”.
We develop the ability to forget the self and lose our own interests in the service of humanity.