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Crab Apple 20ml Original Bach Flower Remedy

Crab Apple 20ml Original Bach Flower Remedy

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You feel unclean or dislike something about yourself


Crab Apple is the cleansing remedy and is indicated for a person who is obsessed with cleanliness.
Such a person feels unclean and has a sense of self-disgust.
They may be ashamed of their physical appearance and often about something of little importance such as a ‘big’ nose or their cellulite! The disgust they feel may be due to something that they have said or done.
People of this nature can become obsessed with tidiness and minute details and their obsessive thoughts of cleanliness and self-hatred rule their lives.
The purpose of this remedy is to clear away the physical poisons as well as mental, emotional or even psychic toxins.
We are able to rid ourselves of negativity, develop self acceptance and self appreciation and see things in a proper perspective.