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2" Fluorite Gemstone Angel

2" Fluorite Gemstone Angel

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A wonderful stone for meditation


FLUORITE - Purple fluorite is excellent for activating the brow chakra.

Fluorite's name is derived from the Latin verb fluere, which means to be in a state of flux or 'to flow', reflecting its ease of melting and its use in metals.  The word flourescent is in turn derived from fluorite's name.

Fluorite is an effective immune-booster that also stimulates the regeneration of cells, particularly in the skin and respiratory tract. Ulcers, cuts and wounds, scars, herpes sores and cankers will all benefit from treatment with fluorite.

Fluorite is generally used to improve the skeletal system's mobility, Blue fluorite is particularly beneficial for reducing inflammation as, for example, in rheumatoid arthritis. Fluorite furthermore has a harmonising effect on the body on account of its ability to balance the nervous system, as well as bringing harmony and stability to relationships.

A stone that endows the mind with clarity and discernment, fluorite increases our powers of concentration and is therefore a useful study aid that enables us to absorb information rapidly. Purple fluorite is a wonderful stone for meditation that not only helps one to focus, but opens up the intuition and allows us to see through the veil of illusion. It enhances psychic ability too. Finally, fluorite is good for purification, whether it be of the body, the aura or even a room.