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Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil

Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil

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Uplifting / Healing / Balancing / Women
Geranium Bourbon

Geranium Bourbon (5mls)

Geranium Bourbon

Geranium Bourbon (10mls)

Geranium Bourbon

Geranium Bourbon (30mls)

Geranium Bourbon

Geranium Bourbon (100mls)



A wonderful oil for releasing stress and anxiety to help to bring you back into balance. Use 6 drops in your bath or shower tray, inhale a drop from a cotton wool pad/handkerchief or blend 3 drops with a couple of teaspoons (10mls) carrier oil.

Geranium is one of my favourite oils to balance the hormones. A must-have for the menopause. Put a few drops on a tissue, take a few deep breaths and put it in your pocket so that you can continue to inhale the aroma throughout the day. I used Geranium during my menopause sometimes on its own and sometimes with Rose and I was symptom free. Geranium is a wonderful oil for the menopause since it helps to balance the hormones, reduces fluid retention and hot flushes. Use it on its own or with Cypress.

It is a fabulous oil for PMT too since it balances mood swings and helps with the fluid retention and bloating which are often found prior to a period.

Geranium is great for stress and tension. I have one client, who, when the children stress her out, runs upstairs and inhales very deeply from her bottle of Geranium. Use it on its own or with Bergamot and /or Neroli.

If you have suffered with past traumas Geranium can help to gently release de traumatise you.

Geranium is extremely popular for skin care and may be used on all skin types to maintain a smooth and youthful complexion. It may be used on all types of skin - oily, dry, inflamed, sensitive and mature.

Geranium is also good for boosting the circulation and the immune system and can be helpful for varicose veins and haemorrhoids.

On a spiritual level Geranium purifies and uplifts the spirit. It balances all the chakras especially the heart and solar plexus. Geranium is healing for the soul. It puts us back together again.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Botanical Species Pelargonium roseum
Country of Origin Reunion
Plant Part Leaves, stalks and flowers
Extraction Method: Steam distillation
Colour Greenish
Precautions None


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