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Grapefruit (White) Essential Oil

Grapefruit (White) Essential Oil

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Antidepressant / Refreshing / Detoxifying / Uplifting / Toning

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Although called White Grapefruit oil it is a little misleading in that the White grapefruit is a strong yellow fruit that yields a dark yellowish to pale red brown oil. White refers to the fruits edible flesh. The White oil has a higher Nootkatone content that gives the distinctive Grapefruit smell.


Use Grapefruit to cleanse and tone

I highly recommend using it in the bath when detoxing and I recommend 1 drop Grapefruit, 1 drop Fennel and 1 drop Juniper in 10mls (2 teaspoons) carrier oil to reduce cellulite. Rub this blend firmly onto the thighs on a daily basis.

Grapefruit is useful to combat muscle fatigue and stiffness while stimulating the lymphatic system and hence clearing the body of toxins. 
Use 3 drops Grapefruit and 3 drops Rosemary in a bath to prevent as well as to treat muscle stiffness.

It helps to clear congested oily skin and also assists with acne, while toning the skin and tissues.

On an emotional level use Grapefruit to uplift and to relieve depression.


On a spiritual level Grapefruit helps us to speak our truth.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Botanical Species Citrus paradisi
Country of Origin Florida USA
Plant Part Peel of the fruit
Extraction Method: Cold expression
Colour Dark yellowish to pale red brown
Precautions None


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