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Hop (2.5mls) Essential Oil

Hop (2.5mls) Essential Oil

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Humulus lupulus - 100% Pure essential oil (English)
Nervous tension / Insomnia / sedative / Indigestion / Coughs / Menstrual cramps


Beer essential oils are becoming a trendy aid for people to incorporate into their bedtime routine, as experts say that hops — a flowering plant that is used predominantly to give the alcoholic drink its bitter flavor — can also help those who suffer from restlessness fall asleep at night.

Placing drops of the essential oil in a diffuser or on a pillow case may help people's bodies relax before bedtime.

This oil is one of almost 100 specialty / rare essential oils that is not on the main site. If you have attended one of Denise's Archangel Workshops / Light Baths you may have already discovered and worked with this oil.
Unfortunately we are unable to provide any information about this oil's Archangel associations.

NB The bottle packaging differs with white non-transparent labels and no cap labels as with the main range.