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Mandarin (Red) Essential Oil

Mandarin (Red) Essential Oil

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Balancing / Children / Joyful / Revitalizing / Uplifting / Tonic

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Mandarin is a very gentle oil therapeutic for all people and can even be used on babies, young children, in pregnancy and for people who are frail or elderly.

If ever I feel I need some joy I take out my bottle of mandarin. The scent is exquisite and as you inhale it fills you with joy, positivity, hope and optimism! I call it joy in a bottle!

Mandarin is suitable for treating digestive problems. For baby try 1 drop Mandarin and 1 drop Roman Chamomile in 20mls (4 teaspoons) carrier oil and massage very gently on the abdomen. For adults use 3 drops to 10mls carrier oil.

Mandarin is one of my favourite oils for pregnant ladies. I encourage regular massage of the abdomen to bond with baby and also to help to prevent stretch marks. Try 1 drop Mandarin. 1 drop Neroli, 1 drop Frankincense in 10mls (2 teaspoons ) of carrier oil and massage your abdomen on a daily basis. This blend may also be useful to treat stretchmarks.Mandarin is also useful for morning sickness and fatigue – just a couple of drops on a tissue.

Mandarin has an uplifting yet calming effect. It’s a lovely oil to burn at parties – both for children and adults.

On a spiritual level Mandarin fills the spirit with joy.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Botanical Species Citrus reticulata
Country of Origin Sicily
Plant Part Peel of the fruit
Extraction Method: Cold expression
Colour Yellowish-orange
Precautions Avoid strong sunlight immediately after treatment


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