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Rose Absolute 5% Diluted (10mls) Essential Oil

Rose Absolute 5% Diluted (10mls) Essential Oil

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Exquisite / Positivity / Sensual / Skin / Women
Rosa centifolia



Rose, to me, is the scent from heaven giving a feeling of well-being and happiness. The exquisite, luxurious aroma of Rose has a profound effect on the emotions. It alleviates stress and tension as well as grief, anger, jealousy, resentment and other negative emotions

I recommend Rose for all states of depression. It seems to dissolve psychological pain. 
Rose instils harmony and positivity and is well worth the investment. Instead of sending a bunch of roses send a bottle of Rose oil. It lasts so much longer.

It is one of my favourite oils for all women’s problems – PMT, menopause, all menstrual irregularities and even aids conception. 
Rose makes a woman feel feminine and confident about herself. One of my favourite blends for the menopause is Rose, Geranium and Cypress.

I choose Rose if a client is ‘holding on’ to anything. For instance someone can be ‘holding’ emotions in the abdomen and this can result in constipation. Rose would ideal in this scenario.

It is a beautiful oil for skin care and is beneficial for all types of skin. It is particularly good for dry, mature and sensitive skin and can even help to reduce broken thread veins if it is used on a daily basis. Try Rose, Neroli and Frankincense in a carrier oil or in cream.

On a spiritual level Rose opens up the heart centre helping us to both give and receive pure unconditional love.

Additional Information

Botanical Species Rosa centifolia
Country of Origin Bulgaria
Diluted oil Pre-diluted to 5% in lovely Jojoba Oil which is rich in protein and minerals and won't turn rancid .  No need to dilute this oil any further for application to the skin.