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Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood Essential Oil

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Sorry - we can no longer supply Rosewood essential oil

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Sorry - we can no longer supply Rosewood essential oil 

It is now, no longer possible to supply Rosewood essential oil due to the extreme pressure this species has endured. Although perfumery played its part in Rosewood’s fate, also responsible for the demand of the wood is the exploitation by ‘timber mafias’ as well as its use in industries like fine furniture, musical instruments, and even chop sticks.

Sometimes referred to as ‘the ivory of the forest’, Rosewood is the most trafficked form of flora/fauna in the world; its depletion adversely affects wildlife and leads to desertification of terrain – leaving areas vulnerable to fires and spawning many acts of violence in once peaceful regions

Ho Wood Leaf Oil
Ho Wood leaf oil has a sweet, floral rose/​petitgra­inlike scent experienced by a large number of perfumers. Ho Wood leaf should eventually replace the wood oil while at the same time reducing the devastation in the Amazon.
Ho Wood leaf can be extracted from young leaves of the trees, giving quite good yields and a similar chemical composition to that from the wood oil.

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Additional Information

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