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Silver Spray Mister (for dropper bottles 50mls and under)

Silver Spray Mister (for dropper bottles 50mls and under)

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Fits ALL the listed dropper bottles (50mls and under)


These spray misters fit the listed dropper bottles (5ml <> 50ml).
The tube length can be cut to match accordingly.

The sprays include a protective cap that give a high quality presentation.
Bottles not Included.

These sprays are guaranteed for one cycle of dispersion for many liquids, however, the more viscous the liquid the less chance of re-usability.

Beware of some metal sprays which are not compatible with European glass bottles or are meant for plastic bottle necks. They DO NOT SEAL properly and invariably leak due to the seal being incorrectly positioned at the bottle rim and NOT at the top of the bottle where the seal is meant to be made.
When shaken they leak!