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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Antifungal / First aid / Antiseptic / Immune boosting / Stimulating
Tea Tree

Tea Tree (10mls)

Tea Tree

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Tea Tree

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Tea tree is the ‘first aid kit’ in a bottle. Whenever you are travelling always take a bottle with you together with a bottle of Lavender and Peppermint.
You will find so many uses for your oils. To begin with put a few drops on a tissue if you are flying so you do not pick up any of the circulating germs on the aircraft. Use your oil of Peppermint if you feel air sick or car sick. On arrival at your hotel use your essential oil to repel insects.

If you do get any cuts, bites or stings put one drop Tea Tree neat on the cut. You can also wash out cuts with a solution of Tea Tree – put a few drops of Tea Tree in a small bowl of warm water and dab this solution on the affected area.

Tea Tree is one of the most powerful immune stimulant oils and helps fight infections of all kinds . Use 2 drops Tea Tree, 2 drops Lavender to build your immune system. If your immune system is very weak and you suffer from repeated infections or have glandular fever or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome use Tea Tree together with Thyme on a daily basis.

Tea Tree is excellent for cystitis, thrush and itching. Put 4 drops Tea Tree or 2 drops Tea Tree and 2 drops Sandalwood in a bowl of warm water and sit in it for about 10 mins or until the water goes cold. Repeat this on a daily basis until the problem subsides. If you are prone to vaginal infections then do this as a preventative measure.

Tea Tree can help to treat sore throats. Put a couple of drops in a glass of warm water and use as a gargle. This method is also useful for mouth ulcers and cold sores. Use Tea Tree on its own or use Tea Tree and Myrrh together.

Great for warts and verrucae too – apply 1 drop neat on a cotton bud to the affected area 2-3 times daily until they disappear.

On a spiritual level Tea Tree helps to release old traumas and shocks.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Botanical Species Melaleuca alternifolia
Country of Origin Australia
Plant Part Leaves
Extraction Method: Steam distillation
Colour Pale yellow to almost clear
Precautions None


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