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Tiger's Eye Gold 20mm-30mm Tumblestone

Tiger's Eye Gold 20mm-30mm Tumblestone

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Highly recommended as a stone for protection


TIGER'S EYE - highly recommended as a stone for protection

Tiger’s eye is a variety of quartz.  The most common tiger’s eye is golden-brown but tiger’s eye may also be red, blue or black.

In the Middle Ages it was used to protect against the evil eye and witchcraft. 

Tiger’s eye has a particular affinity for the solar plexus chakra.  The gold and the brown bring together the energies of Heaven and earth.  We are able to lift our vibrations whilst at the same time feel grounded and stable.

Tiger’s eye is highly recommended as a stone for protection.  It dispels fear and anxiety and counteracts feelings of hypochondria.  Tiger’s eye is excellent for all psychosomatic illnesses.  It fills us with courage and gives us self-confidence and a sense of purpose and will power.  This stone balances mood swings and releases tension.  It is a balancer of the yin-yang energies.

Tiger’s eye encourages mental clarity and is beneficial for allowing us to see a problem objectively without the interference if emotions.  It may be used when our ideas are confused helping us to see our goals clearly and make the right decisions.

Tiger’s eye has been used to attract wealth, abundance and good luck.

Other uses include neck and throat disorders, eye problems, reproductive diseases, to strengthen the spinal column, release toxins and alleviate pain.