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2" Turquoise Gemstone Angel

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2" Turquoise Gemstone Angel

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A stone of balance


TURQUOISE - A stone of balance

Turquoise has a particular affinity for the throat, heart and brow chakras although it may be employed to align and balance all the chakras and meridians.

An excellent purifying stone for the throat chakra.  Turquoise can help to soothe and clear sore throats and to purify the lungs.  It encourages both oral and written communication and the expression of ones true feelings.

A stone of balance turquoise is tremendous for mood swings and calming the nerves.  It can prevent panic attacks and help recovery after a nervous breakdown.

Turquoise may be worn to protect against all negative energies.  It has been said that it will change colour to warn of danger or illness.  It provides protection during astral travel.  Turquoise also helps us to feel grounded when undertaking spiritual work.  It protects against the effects of pollution.  Turquoise is a powerful healer physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It strengthens and regenerates the whole body.

Its other uses include pain relief, muscular and skeletal disorders, skin complaints, digestive problems, high blood pressure, asthma, fevers and inflamed eyes.

INCLUDES plush velvet pouch