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Bloodstone 20mm-30mm Tumblestone

Bloodstone 20mm-30mm Tumblestone

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Providing solid support and stability


BLOODSTONE (Also known as heliotrope) is a variety of chalcedony and its colour is bright to dark green spotted with flecks of red. In smaller pieces the red spots do not always appear. Healing properties

Bloodstone has an affinity for the base chakra providing solid support and stability. It is a stone of strength and courage and is excellent for reinforcing our will to be on the physical plane and to exist very much in the here and now. It is also useful for both physical and emotional problems associated with the heart. An essential stone for those who experience difficulties in establishing strong and stable relationships.

Heliotrope is used to treat all blood disorders. It purifies and fortifies the blood and is ideal for anaemia. This stone is one of the most effective immuno-boosters and should be placed on the thymus gland above the heart. It is highly recommended for healing inflammations and infections as it reduces pus formation, neutralises toxins and stimulates the lymphatic system.