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The Breath of Life (Music Download)

The Breath of Life (Music Download)

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A story of inspiration combined with destiny.



The Breath of Life

The story of 'The Breath of Life' is one of inspiration combined with destiny. The renowned homoeopath and Tai Chi instructor Peter Hudson often used Garry's first solo relaxation cassette 'Soul Searcher' in his classes and consequently commissioned him to write a backing theme for a narrated breathing techniques and relaxation CD which was released in the Summer of 1995.

 It came as a surprise to Garry that the music stood up extremely well by itself even with the narrated passages removed and after a few simple changes 'The Breath of Life' was released within a few weeks of Peter's original version. This music has been wonderfully received for all manner of purposes - massage, stress relief (even when driving!), meditation and Oriental exercise.

Experience a calm and peaceful feeling as the main theme expands and contracts finally culminating in a wonderfully exciting climax leaving the listener with a feeling of tranquillity and well-being.

Cover design and artwork by Anna Maria Geales

© Garry Whichello 1996