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The Bridge to Wholeness (Music Download)

The Bridge to Wholeness (Music Download)

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Take the Bridge To Wholeness



What does a bridge do for us? A bridge usually connects two bodies over water. lf we think of the different kinds of bridges that exist the water beneath the bridge may be turbulent, challenging, peaceful, flowing freely. It can behave in many different ways and that is how the outer physical world could also be considered. Like the physical bridge we can cross over the water and rise above whatever the challenge seems to be depending on where we place our attention.

It is our choice as to whether or not we want to rise above and cross.

Sometimes it's so simple - that we believe that we make it so difficult. Whenever we perceive that there is no connecting bridge, whenever we feel isolated, victimised, separated - a state of imbalance and possible ill health can occur. Chaos, difficulty and stagnation are sure to follow without crossing the bridge. So we can cross over the difficulty and rise above the turbulence or we can go through the difficulty and experience pain and suffering. We can reconnect into a better, healthier state of awareness and tap into a higher power, a source of wisdom and love.

It is our choice as to what we do.

The bridge is the link we experience between illusion and reality - from false states of thinking to the truth. Take the bridge that leads safely between illusion and reality to find harmonisation and peace. Take the Bridge To Wholeness.

Cover design and artwork by Anna Maria Geales

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