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Hematite Gemstone Angel

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Hematite Gemstone Angel

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strengthens our connection with the earth


HEMATITE - a shiny and silvery stone that looks very similar to metal.
Its name is derived from the Greek word for blood and was used to staunch the blood flow from wounds. It is a stone of strength, courage and grounding.
Hematite has an affinity for the base chakra that strengthens our connection with the earth making us feel safe and secure as well as endowing us with strength, endurance and vitality.
Hematite is traditionally associated with the blood and can be used to treat anaemia in particular.
It also improves the quality of the blood, reduces blood pressure and is recommended during childbirth to prevent excessive bleeding.
It also keeps everyone calm! As a calming stone it balances the nerves and can be used to alleviate stress, anxiety and insomnia.
Hematite also has the ability to keep you cool - mentally as well as physically.
It can be placed on the forehead to reduce a fever or on any painful or inflamed areas of the body to cool them.