Coloured Glass Spray Mister Bottles Complete (Misters)

Coloured Glass Spray Mister Bottles Complete


Mister Bottles Complete with Over-Caps

Size: 30mls
Colour: Green
  • Green
  • Cobalt Blue
Spray finish: Gold Cap

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These tranluscent cobalt blue and green glass bottles with attractive spray tops are perfect for essential oil blends, misted body spray, floral water, perfume, spritzes and other thinner liquids. Great for the purse or traveling.
Made from the highest quality glass in sizes ranging from 30mls to 100mls these bottles are perfect for holding almost any liquid.
Each can be fitted with a high quality Gold or Silver or plain white Fine Mist Atomizer with a matching over-cap

These sprays are guaranteed for one cycle of dispersion for the described liquids, however, the more viscous the liquid the less chance of their re-usability.



Coloured Glass Spray Mister...