Plai (5mls) Essential Oil

Palo Santo Wood (2.5mls) Essential Oil


Useful in Yoga, meditating, or performing other stress-relieving activities.

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Palo Santo, also known as ‘Holy Wood’ or ‘Saint Wood’, is a very special tree that has been revered for centuries. The wood has been burnt throughout the ages to cleanse spaces, elevate the consciousness and to protect against negative energy.

The rather rare and sacred oil, however, is a relative newcomer in the aromatherapy world.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Calming and soothing relieving anxiety
  2. Uplifts depression
  3. Removes negativity – physically, mentally, emotionally.
  4. Clears spaces
  5. Perfect for meditation – grounding and promotes stillness
  6. Boosts the immune system
  7. Treats coughs, colds, flu asthma
  8. Helps relieve allergies
  9. Provides pain relief for muscles and joints and reduces inflammation
  10. Wards off bugs and insects

If you have attended one of Denise's Archangel Workshops / Light Baths you may have already discovered and worked with this oil.


Data sheet

Botanical Species
Bursera graveolens
Country of Origin
Plant Part
Extracted from fallen branches
Extraction Method
Vapour distillation

Palo Santo Wood (2.5mls)...


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