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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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Antiseptic / Expectorant / Pain-relieving / Stimulating

Eucalyptus (10mls)


Eucalyptus (30mls)


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Eucalyptus is renowned as an invaluable oil for coughs and colds. It’s the perfect oil to burn in the house in the presence of any infectious diseases.
As a chest rub try 1 drop Eucalyptus, 1 drop Cajeput and 1 drop Lavender blended in 10mls (2 teaspoons ) carrier oil.

Burn Eucalyptus in your home to repel insects in the summer months.

Eucalyptus is not so well known for its ability to give pain relief. For all muscular aches and pains try a bath with 2 drops Eucalyptus, 2 drops Chamomile and 2 drops Frankincense.
Alternatively blend 1 drop of these 3 oils together for a pain relieving massage blend and apply to the affected area.

If you are feeling exhausted after illness or after prolonged periods of stress use Eucalyptus as an energy booster.

On a spiritual level Eucalyptus can help to correct imbalances in the energy centres.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Botanical Species Eucalyptus globulus
Country of Origin China
Plant Part Leaves and twigs
Extraction Method: Steam distillation
Colour Colourless
Precautions A powerful oil not to be massaged into babies and very young children. Store away from homoeopathic medicines.


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